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Flash and the Swank Brothers began their funk blues jam band journey in 2001 at the Mineshaft Tavern in Madrid New Mexico. Originally a three piece outfit, increasing involvement with the local African immigrant community led to the addition of numbers of traditional percussionists into the group. One series of gigs involved 8 international master drummers and percussionists, booked as the Drums of Swankdom. More typically, the current group would consist of  4 pieces; guitar, bass, trap kit drums, and hand drums.


The band has been fortunate to include many of the top drummers and bass players in the region. We hope to be able to gig with them all again some day.


We hope that you can take some time to wander around this website. We have had fun putting this together, and hope that it is also fun for you. Check out some free downloads on the RECORDINGS page.


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